Dr. Joo-Yong Lee


Dr. Joo-Yong Lee
Spatial Design, Furniture Design

Yong Bbar (용빠) is a private wine tasting retreat for Dr. Joo-Yong Lee.

Dr. Joo-Yong Lee, a Busan localite and an academic in the field of coastal engineering, vividly recalls conversations he had with his late grandmother when growing up. Everytime they passed by a particular beachside spot in Song-jeong district, his grandmother passionately told him to buy a vacant piece of the land. Dr. Lee could not afford a single inch of it back then because he was still just a child. Growing up, he always wondered, "Why is granny always telling me to buy this land even though I have no money of my own?".

After many years, Dr. Lee's mother who was also an academic, decided to purchase a seaside property for the purpose of writing her Ph.D. dissertation in complete isolation. Coincidentally, the property is located on the exact spot told by his grandmother. Decades later, Dr. Lee was made aware of his mother's property. Since then, Dr. Lee decided to use the place as his retreat for wine tasting and named it 'Yong-Bbar'.

Minus Front was given the task of creating a personal space Dr. Jay is proud to invite his friends over and share the wonderful views of Busan's coastline.

Centerpiece dining table
Dining table and chair design
Centerpiece details
Dining tabletop design
Kitchen door knob design with Yong-Bbar's logo
Kitchen underfloor lighting
Wall storage design
Wall storage
Hidden wall storage
Bathroom design
Bathroom mirror frame detail with Yong-Bbar's logo
Shower faucet
“Faith always finds a way."

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